Perfect unheated padparadsha from Vietnam, 2.37Ct

June 20, 2013 in Padparadshas (& close)

Perfect unheated padparadsha from Vietnam, 2.37Ct

Perfect padparadsha color, guaranteed as unheated. Cut is un-usual, but very nice, lots of sparkle through some milkyness that enhances color perception.

Will be sold with a certificate from GIA/SSEF.

Completely eye clean. The yellow in the photo is iron in a minute crack. The yellow reflection is visible with good attention, though it comes out as color, not inclusion.

Origin : Bought in Vietnam ;¬†gemmologist’s opinion :¬†Ceylon. I think we can say true origin is Vietnam.
Treatment : None.
Price : $7000
Inventory : #177
Photo condition : White halogen, white balanced calibrated from camera on a white sheet, no retouch. Photographed over a slightly cream paper to help control light balance.

 0177-01 copy