2.12 Ct orangy pink Ceylon sapphire, precision cut

June 20, 2013 in Padparadshas (& close)

Nice cut done in the USA, though a bit of a catadioptre (less of an issue on person than in photo) and all you see here is my camera. Not a great shot, it’s just an “inventory” shot for me. As the rest of the photos on this page.
Completely eye clean, what you see in the middle is just a fiber.

Has a minute cutting oil residue that would need to be cleaned if this sapphire is to be certified to avoid a mention. This sapphire would not, in my opinion, receive the “padparadsha” name from GIA/SSEF/Gubelin, but might from other labs, though I feel it’s not one.

Origin : Bought as Ceylon ; gemmologist’s opinion : Ceylon.
Treatment : Traditional heat.
Price : $1200
Inventory : #148
Photo condition : White halogen, white balanced calibrated from camera on a white sheet, no retouch. Photographed over a slightly cream paper to help control light balance.

Ceylon pink orange sapphire